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Me pointingHello, Ms. Trailblazer! I’m Maria Saracen. You may know me personally or we may only just be getting acquainted. Either way, if you’re on this page it’s because I’ve done some cyber sleuthing (sounds better than stalking, right?) and come to the conclusion that you are an online force of nature – trailblazing your way through the interwebs.

I’d love for you to join me, along with a handful of other superstar ‘boss ladies’, as we gear up for a blockbuster giveaway event.

The beauty of this concept is that you get to boost your karma, AAAAND your email subscription list – BIG time and without spending a penny (assuming you can set up a quick opt-in page)!

Interested? You’ll find all the juicy details below. And if you have any questions, just shoot them on over to: Maria at MariaSaracen.com


Maria - nicely written

P.S. Wanna do some cyber sleuthing of your own? You’ll find all the details about me here, including my days as a bullet-dodging journalist, living it up in South Africa.

Everything you need to know (and a teeny bit more)…


This event is for coaches looking to master the many challenges of running an online biz. As an expert in your niche, you’ll dazzle them with your giveaway gift valued at $100 or more (e.g. a guide, training webinar, mini-course…whatever your generous heart desires) that will have them jumping for joy and saying, “holy WOW – I gotta get me more of her!”



The giveaway runs Monday, March 6 – Sunday, March 19, 2017


By Monday, February 20: Submit your gift graphic (a 250x250 pixel image of your gift), gift description and value. Also, please submit the URL of your gift opt-in page (it doesn’t have to be up and running yet).


By Monday, February 27: Your opt-in page should be completed and fully working. Please test it!

March 6 – 19:  send out TWO solo emails promoting the giveaway (I will provide email copy that you are welcome to edit.) I recommend that you send one email as close to the start of the giveaway as possible and another mid-week the following week…just so people have time to sign up for the goodies before they disappear.

March 20: Celebrate your happy, new subscribers. WOOHOO!


If you’ve never been part of  a giveaway before, the concept is pretty simple (and genius, if I may add!) It’s entirely up to you WHAT you give away…the only ‘rules’ are that your gift is: 1) of value ($100 or more); 2) can be given away to EVERYONE who subscribes and 3) not something that you are currently giving away free.

However, your gift could have been free in the past and you are welcome to give it away free in future, after the event. In addition, you can offer a prize or prizes in addition to your gift, if your generous heart is so inclined!


It’s all happening online! I’ll take care of the main giveaway site, including marketing materials. All you need to do is set up an opt-in page on YOUR site, where visitors can access your gift.

Oh, and one more VERY important detail: for this giveaway to be a huge success, you need to contact your subscribers twice through a solo email (i.e. an email only about the giveaway). Of course, you’re welcome to do more if you can, but this is the minimum.  If you decide to join us, I’ll take it as a pinkie swear that you’ll do this! 🙂


Got questions? Contact me at maria @ mariasaracen.com!

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